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For creative artists


Access infinite creative ideas with this mini ebook! 

Excerpt: Life can get so busy and overwhelming that figuring out how to get your creative flow happening feels impossible. There is so much inner (mental) and outer (environmental) noise and clutter. We have demands, deadlines, commitments and priorities. It is no wonder that your inner voice, that is always present, leading you towards your creative path, is often a quiet whisper. This can make your discovery even harder to detect.



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For songwriters


Accelerate your intuitive songwriting with this short guide!

Excerpt: Don't let the brevity of this guide fool you. These steps are simple and subtle, yet immensely powerful. You can nail the steps all at once, or take your time, implementing one step per week over seven weeks. Take this at a pace that works for you. Some steps are mental/emotional, whilst others are action-oriented. Even if you use one out of the seven, you will take your creative flow to the next level.