I'm Adama. It's great to meet you!

Welcome to Creativity From The Soul! On this site, I share with you my passion for creativity and songwriting.


I'm a singer-songwriter and mum of two beautiful, creative souls. Along with my passion for music and songwriting, I have studied and enjoyed fashion design, art, writing, acting, martial arts and dance. 

Ever since I was three years old, I have been experiencing original, beautiful music in my dreams at night. I have never had any formal education in music and I am still unable to play a musical instrument. This 'lack of knowledge' has no meaning to me in the realm of my dreams. I receive complex layers of music that I can recall after I wake. 

I feel compelled to share my creative processes and discoveries with other creatives.

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Much Love...


10 (more) things that you (probably) didn't know about me...



I have competed for Great Britain in an International Kung Fu tournament in Hong Kong. I had just turned 18 years old. I competed in the weapons category with double swords. Today however, I can’t punch my way out of a wet paper bag, but I am still fiercely focused and determined when I put my mind to something!




I studied fashion design, art and embroidery. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was just a kid. Or a ninja! I eventually quit college to pursue music full-time.




I co-starred in a short movie that was shot in New York City. I had SO much fun! I didn't have much acting experience but it was cool as I sort of played myself. My character's name was Rose.






I taught myself to play piano by ear when I was six years old. My Cornish grandparents sent me their old Bentley, all the way over to the London council estate that I grew up in. I lived and breathed playing piano, and it was my escape from the world.


I have absolute pitch. So do my kids.


I am half Nigerian and half Cornish. 



I signed a record deal with Dreamworks, back in the day when they had an actual record label. I thought I was going to become a star, but it was an awful experience. Eventually I broke free from the confines of my contract and I had the most wonderful time living the life of an independent artist. I lived in New York City and I played shows and toured with a seven piece band. Awesome times!




I recorded an album in the Dead Sea desert. I recorded some of my vocals naked, with a screen around me in the studio for privacy. I felt that the vocals needed to be delivered that way. Totally open and vulnerable.

Delicate Dragon - on Spotify




I never listen to the radio, watch TV or read the news or magazines. If something in the media comes to my attention, it's usually because someone told me about it. It's been this way with me for most of my life.




I once performed as a belly dancer in a Moroccan restaurant in California. I had no idea that the money that the customers threw at me was mine to keep!